Nokia press releases

12 March 1997

Nokia Launches The Nokia 9000 Communicator For DCS 1800 Standards

12 March 1997

With Nokia Internet Goes Wireless – the new Nokia Artus Wireless Data Product Family

12 March 1997

Nokia Re-enters US-Commercial Paper Market

06 March 1997

Nokia and Oslo Energi Tele agreed on TETRA delivery and project for the municipality of Oslo

03 March 1997

Nokia Confirms Its Commitment to CDMA

03 March 1997

Nokia Provides Technology for Enhanced Voice Quality in TDMA Phones

03 March 1997

Nokia Introduces New Wireless Payphone

03 March 1997

Nokia Supplies Access Network to Globe Telecom in the Philippines

27 February 1997

Nokia and Circuit City Stores Inc. enter agreement for retail distribution of wireless phones

26 February 1997

Nokia Introduces The New Nokia RinGo Consumer Phone

26 February 1997

Nokia Expands GSM Network in Beijing, China

20 February 1997

Nokia Delivers World’s Largest GSM/DCS 1800 Wireless Payphone Deals

19 February 1997

Nokia 9000 Communicator Wins GSM MoU Innovation Award

18 February 1997

Over 10% of Nokia Share Voting Rights Held by UPM-Kymmene

13 February 1997


13 February 1997

NOKIA ANNOUNCES FULL YEAR 1996 RESULTS Strengthened earnings for fourth quarter

07 February 1997

Nokia to Sell Its Tuner Operations

07 February 1997

Nokia Expands NMT Networks in Norway

06 February 1997

Nokia and Kiasma Integrate Technology and Art

04 February 1997

Nokia Will Publish Its 1996 Results on February 13 at appr. 1 p.m. Finnish Time

03 February 1997

Helsinki Telephone Company and Nokia Leading the World in Telecommunications Technology:

29 January 1997

Nokia K-shares Converted to A-shares

29 January 1997

Nokia Expands Henan GSM Network in China

23 January 1997

Nokia Becomes First European Member of MCC

22 January 1997

Nokia and Helsinki City Energy Company Agreed on TETRA Development Project

15 January 1997

The NonStop Nokia 1611 features the unique solar battery option Nokia Introduces the Most Mobile Phone Under the Sun

13 January 1997

Collaboration in Creating the Mobile Internet Environment of the Future

10 January 1997

Nokia Supplies DCS Network Expansion to TAC of Thailand

10 January 1997

Nokia and Psion Sign Cooperation Agreement on PC Cards

09 January 1997

Nokia Introduces Slim and Stylish Phone to Complement Analog Line

09 January 1997

Nokia Introduces New and Improved GSM 1900 Wireless Phone

09 January 1997

Nokia Selected Innovations ‘97 Winner at Winter CES

09 January 1997

Nokia Expands Yunnan GSM Network in China

02 January 1997

Nokia’s Financial Reporting in 1997

19 December 1996

The Award of Nokia Foundation in 1996 to Pekka Tarjanne, Secretary-General of ITU

17 December 1996

Lauri Kivinen to Head Nokia’s Corporate Communications

17 December 1996

Nokia Supplies Telecommunications Network to VEW Telnet to Germany

17 December 1996

Nokia Named Advertiser of the Year by Media Magazine

13 December 1996

Nokia and UPM-Kymmene Agreed to Sell Finnish Chemicals

12 December 1996

Nokia to Market and Distribute HP Quickburst Cable Modem

28 November 1996

Nokia and SFR Sign a Billion Franc GSM Agreement in France

27 November 1996

Nokia Celebrates its New Office in New Delhi

25 November 1996

Nokia and Pannon Continue Successful GSM Co-operation

21 November 1996

Nokia Expands Fujian GSM Network in China

18 November 1996

Mr. Tapio Hintikka Resigns from Nokia

15 November 1996

Nokia in Partnership with Dassault A.T. Delivers Turnkey DCS 1800 Cellular Network to Bouygues Telecom

14 November 1996

Nokia Reports Third Quarter Results

14 November 1996

Nokia Expands its Base Station Production in Oulu, Finland

08 November 1996

Ring Christmas in -The Nokia 2110 Dresses for Christmas

06 November 1996

Nokia and Beijing TA Trial Dual Band in Live Network

05 November 1996

Nokia to Conduct World’s First Chinese Character Short Message Demo

05 November 1996

Nokia Introduces Chinese User Interface for the Nokia 8110 GSM Handportable to PRC Market

24 October 1996

Nokia Supplies GSM Network Expansion to Jiangxi, China

21 October 1996

Nokia Supplies GSM Mobile Switching System to India

16 October 1996

Nokia Supplies GSM Network Expansion to Omnitel Pronto Italia

03 October 1996

Nokia Signs USD 240 Million Contract with AT&T Wireless Services, Inc.

02 October 1996

Nokia Supplies Optical Transmission System to China Railways

01 October 1996

Nokia to Supply First PCS Handsets for Canada

01 October 1996

Nokia Supplies Two PCN Networks to Hong Kong

30 September 1996

Nokia Supplies NMT Switching Technology to Russia

27 September 1996

Nokia Wins a Major International Advertising Award

20 September 1996

Archie Manning Named National Spokesman for 1997 Nokia Sugar Bowl

20 September 1996

Nokia and Mobileware Corporation Announce Agreement

19 September 1996

Nokia Unveils World’s First All-In-One Communicator For The Americas

19 September 1996

Nokia Brings Internet Into The Wireless Age

18 September 1996

Intel and Nokia Extend Internet with Open Short Messaging Technology

16 September 1996

Nokia and Data Critical Form Technology Co-operation

16 September 1996

Nokia Supplies Telecommunications Network Expansion to the City of Stockholm

11 September 1996

Nokia Strengthens Regional Operation Mode

11 September 1996

Nokia Telecommunications to Renew Mode of Operation

09 September 1996

Nokia Delivers Trend Setting Style to a Traditional Category

09 September 1996

The Nokia 8110 – a New Generation Mobile Phone

09 September 1996

Nokia supplies DX 200 switching system technology to Netcom Systems Denmark

05 September 1996

Nokia and Elektrobit Establish Joint Venture to Focus on the Measurement and Optimization Tools for Cellular Networks

30 August 1996

Nokia House Opened in Copenhagen

28 August 1996

Superior Communications Sdn. Bdh. and Nokia Telecommunications have signed a contract for the supply of a GSM network to Uzbekistan. The deliveries will start in September.

21 August 1996

Nokia Opens New Factory in Motala, Sweden, to Produce Multimedia Terminals

19 August 1996

Nokia wins GBP 10 million contract for PMR system for the London Underground Northern Line

15 August 1996

First GSM-based communicator product hits the market Nokia Starts Sales of the Nokia 9000 Communicator

15 August 1996

Nokia Expands North-West GSM’s Network in St. Petersburg, Russia

14 August 1996

Nokia Supplies PCS 1900 Digital Network Equipment for Western Wireless Portland

08 August 1996

Nokia Reports Second Quarter Results

05 August 1996

Nokia Announces USD 100 Million Contract with AT&T Wireless Services, Inc.

01 August 1996

Nokia Launches the Digital Cellular Data Card in Japan

31 July 1996

Telefónica Selects Nokia for Major GSM Expansion

26 July 1996

Nokia to Expand Zhejiang GSM Network in China

17 July 1996

Nokia and Psion Team Up To Provide Short Message Service Over PCS 1900 Networks

17 July 1996

Nokia Announces Final Sale of its Television Manufacturing Business

08 July 1996

Nokia Supplies DX 200 Switching Systems to Tele2 of Sweden

04 July 1996

Nokia Introduces its Second Generation of Digital Phones in Japan

04 July 1996

Nokia Supplies GSM Network Expansion to Morocco

28 June 1996

Nokia to Expand Malaysian PCN Network

28 June 1996

Nokia Supplies GSM and NMT Network Expansions to AIS in Thailand

27 June 1996

Nokia to Supply Business Access Network to Telecom New Zealand

27 June 1996

Nokia Signs GSM Deals for Three States in India

27 June 1996

Nokia to Launch Italian Subsidiary of its Multimedia Network Terminals Division

25 June 1996

Nokia To Supply GSM Network to Poland

19 June 1996

Nokia to Supply GSM Network to State of Andhra Pradesh, India

19 June 1996

Nokia’s Bond Targeted to Domestic Retail Investors Was Issued for FIM 100 Million

12 June 1996

Nokia Announces Heads of Agreement to Sell Its Remaining Television Business