Nokia increases the share capital in connection with the acquisition of Rooftop Communications Corporation

(September 8, 1999) - The Board of Directors of Nokia Corporation has today resolved to increase the share capital of the Company by EUR 127,087.20, consisting of 529,530 new shares, with the nominal value of EUR 0.24 each, for the subscription price of EUR 80.17 per share. The subscription price will be paid in kind, i.e. with the common stock of Rooftop Communications Corporation, a Californian corporation. The new Nokia shares will be offered for the subscription by the shareholders of Rooftop Communications Corporation. The subscription period is September 9 - September 10, 1999. The subscriptions shall be paid no later than September 10, 1999.

The new Nokia shares will be used to acquire Rooftop Communications Corporation which constitute important financial grounds to deviate from the shareholders' pre-emptive rights to subscribe for new shares.

The increase of the Nokia share capital is in compliance and taken within the authorities of the resolution taken by the Annual General Meeting on March 17, 1999 as registered with the Finnish Trade Register on April 9, 1999.